Track & Trace

We will locate your debtor tenant. No find, no fee.

There is nothing worse than a tenant or debtor that has absconded from their financial responsibility.
My Property Partner can trace them in a number of very unique, effective and timely ways.

Electronic Tracing
We can immediately draw from the following
sources – Credit Reference Agencies, Electoral Role, Mail Order
Registration, Mobile Phone & Landline Details and Utility / Domestic
Bills. This service can include multiple searches on addresses and
connected individuals.
Physical Tracing
Very similar to our abscond reports we can confirm
this and or investigate from neighbours or colleagues where they may
have gone. Perhaps you need to remind them of their obligations or
even serve them a notice or hand deliver a letter.

This work fantastically with our Electronic / Desktop Traces.

Contact us now on 0800 612 6298 to find out more.


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