You want your tenant out. My Property Partner are here to help, every step of the way…

Step 1: Serving Notice

Are you owed rent? Is your tenancy coming to an end?

Does your tenant owe 2 months rent or more?
Do you wish to give notice to reclaim your property?

Serve notice today to begin the process …

FROM £59.99 inc VAT

Step 2 : Issue Proceedings

Issue Proceedings

We can issue proceedings legally via court, we will attend court on your behalf and represent you during your hearing (no need for you to attend unless you wish to) and obtain a possession order for your property.

This usually concludes the issue and results in your tenant leaving the property.

£495.00 inc VAT

Step 3 : Tenant Eviction

Appoint a Bailiff

In rare circumstances a stubborn tenant will refuse to comply with a legal eviction in notice.

We will obtain a warrant for posession from the court and appoint a court bailiff to physically remove  your tenant.

You can now re-let or sell your property.

£99.99 inc VAT

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