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Welcome to My Property Partner, home to the leading trace missing tenant website, if you have found us online because you have a tenant who has absconded from your property then we can assist you.

It can be a daunting process being a landlord, it is meant to be an sound business investment which 98% time works fantastically well. However, there are times when problems can arise and that’s why we are here to act as your safety net. Our company has been built by existing and previous experienced landlords, all who have gone through the trials and tribulations that you are facing now.

We have a couple of superb features to help you find an absconded tenant, which are as follows –

  • Abscond Reports – If your tenant has absconded then My Property Partner can be physically at your property within 24hrs to create an abscond report for you. From this report you will know exactly where you stand, from photographs taken and interviews with people who live within the local area.
  • Track & Trace – We have all the back end procedures in place to be able to effectively track and trace where the absconded tenants have gone. Once found we can serve them with formal notice from the courts to pay any monies owed to you.

From our initial meeting we will be able to give you an honest opinion from our years of experience of how likely it is that we will be able to find the missing tenants. We can also advise on how likely once found it will be to obtain any money owed that’s outstanding.

If you are looking for this type of service then do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 612 6298 and we look forward to assisting you further.

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